Friday, November 11, 2011

Escada Buying Internship Spring 2012 (New York)

Buy Internship Spring 2012
Internship Description:
Assisting the Buy Team in ALL aspects and phases of daily operations and Buying

Responsibilities include:
∙Run reports (Selling / sizing/ store ranking).
∙Copy and prepare selling tools and product knowledge.
∙Assist Buyer with transfers and locating merchandise, RA’s, Markdowns, along with all other aspects of a the Buy department
∙During Market, the intern will work with the Buyer in the showroom while the Buy is being run.
∙Answer phone and interact with associates, managers, and other Buyers and their products.
∙Coordinating and producing seasonal Buy book
∙Market and Truck show preparation
∙Store merchandising
∙This is a FULL HANDS on experience on what a Buyer does! All from A-Z!

∙Must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
∙Candidate should have high organizational and time management skills
∙Should have a proactively positive attitude and an eagerness to learn

Hours: 3 – 5 full days

• This is an internship FOR CREDIT ONLY
• Daily stipend of $15 offered

TO APPLY: Submit resume to

Posted by: Jennifer Hernandez


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