Friday, October 21, 2011

Paolo Costagli Internship (NY)

Paolo Costagli | Sales and Marketing Internship Opportunity

Duties and Reponsibilities

• Assist in implementing inventory management system – updating category information in BusinessMind inventory software program as needed
• Managing inventory on hand – prepare weekly inventory report and relay to Supervisor areas with low quantity
• Responsible for delivery logistics of purchases, consignment orders, and repairs
• Coordinate with manufacturers and retailers for delivery and receipt of product

• Assist with editing and managing product photos, newsletter creative content and website images
• Assist with website traffic analysis; prepare weekly reports for company President with relevant data
• Research targeted leads/channels (bloggers, online publications, partnerships)
• Notify existing strategic brand partners of new product, special offers, incentive programs and relevant information to generate interest and sales
• Update/maintain Online Media Contact List
• Assist in executing social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter) and email marketing campaigns

• Prepare replenish, trunk show, viewing, and return to vendor memos for wholesale accounts
• Analyze consignment reports to identify and correct discrepancies
• Control inventory levels carried by retailers to optimize product location
• Assist in designing mailers and fliers for showroom clients and sales materials for wholesale accounts
• Provide product materials to key sales associates as requested

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