Monday, December 5, 2011

Business opportunity in India for Fashion houses (New Delhi)

I am Fashion designer who is working freelance. I studied in Paris. I am very well aware of Parisian Fashion and market. 
I am currently in New Delhi. I am looking for business partner from France to establish business here.
My motive is to establish a brand from scratch.
Meanwhile if anyone there needs any contacts for fabric/textile or any thing related with garments can contact me.
There are so many export houses here,who do mass production, are looking for buyers.
We can discuss on skype or email. 

Posted by: Brittini Torres


Deepak said...

In contemporary India, fashion trends are changing at a rapid pace.The Indian fashion scene is wonderful and full of colors as the creative and renowned designers pave way for great fashion trends every passing day.Great fashion weeks like India fashion week etc mirror the global success of Indian models and designers.

pantaloonsindia said...

Nice Blog!
Love the way you write! :)

Mac said...

I going follow this post. I'll share this to my fashionista friends. They might be interested in this business opportunity.

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Gitanjali said...

Yeah..the post is enriching.I want to add that India fashion success is not an overnight things.Fashion designers in India have been doing some great works which took the fashion world by storm and all the big name of Indian fashion like Manish Malhotra, Rohit bal, Abraham & Thakore etc have been proving their mettle time to time.