Thursday, May 27, 2010

Merchandising Intern (SF)

If you’re excited about mobile products and eCommerce, and want to gain behind-the-scenes experience in what it takes to sell products online, the Merchandising Intern position at is a great opportunity.

The Merchandising Intern position will provide a current or graduating student with valuable on-the-job skills, as well as knowledge and training in online merchandising. will work with the University or college of the intern to provide the necessary paperwork for college credit.

We are looking for a dynamic self-starter with a passion for research, video, online sales & merchandising. The ideal candidate will have leadership experience and multi-tasking capabilities from academic and extra-curricular activities (clubs, associations, teams, etc.).

What Would You Be Doing?

* Search Engine Optimization: maximize our product description keyword relativity.
* Product Information updates: comb competitor and complimentary websites for pertinent/new information and enhance our own pages with links to software updates or new features.
* Video Production: as new products or accessories emerge, shoot 30 - 180 second videos to educate customers on products. Place vids on the site & on YouTube to promote site traffic growth.
* Carrier differentiation: use your great writing and editing skills to pinpoint the useful, non-biased (or gently biased) information found in Carrier marketing materials.

Required Qualifications:

* You are a Junior or Senior majoring in marketing, merchandising, business, or related field.
* You are interested in mobile products and technology, and have an interest in online sales & merchandising.
* You are a good writer.
* You have an eye for detail, are intellectually curious, and are able to meet deadlines.

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