Thursday, May 27, 2010

Merchandising Development Manager (Santa Monica)


1. Leads the management of the POS Development Process
a. Briefs suppliers on the development of new POS item needs during the year
i. Leads inter-department project management of all POS items to deliver on time. Communicates timelines and expectations to Field and Distributor Network
ii. Gains approval from Trade Marketing Manager for concepts and prototypes
b. Collaborates with Trade Activation Managers for their channel Merchandising needs
c. Proactively refreshes and improves Red Bull portfolio with new production techniques and processes
i. Builds back-up of renderings and concepts for current items in portfolio as to implement refreshed items consistently
ii. Works on current portfolio of items to increase effectiveness and functionality

2. Publishes guidelines and relevant information for all Red Bull’s Merchandising Items
a. Develops merchandising standards for channel-specific shelf configurations and all displays & coolers
b. Updates and maintains POS manual for entire portfolio, publishes online

3. Establishes role as the ambassador of POS throughout RBNA
a. Becomes point person for the Field, Distributor Network and in all details pertaining to POS (including inventory information but not inventory management)
b. Develops communication strategy to announce all new items with usage information

4. Manages 2010 POS development and execution
a. Manages Themed POS portfolio development from Approval to Arrival in Warehouse
i. Develops and manages timeline for Themed POS creation as to be available at DP warehouses 12 weeks before event date for regional POS or at the start of each quarter
ii. Manages delivery of concepts, renderings, and prototypes for Trade Marketing Manager approval and then development to final delivery after approval
b. Manages the production of Permanent POS items from Approval stage to Arrival in Warehouse
i. Provides prototypes and concepts for Trade Marketing Manager feedback and approval
c. Manages Custom Retailer POS development
i. Collaborates with TAM and NAM to fulfill development and production needs for Retailer projects

5. Supports the POS areas of Business Planning for Trade Marketing
a. Contributes in the forecast process between the Field, HQ Operations and Finance for demand planning and expense requirements
b. Reviews forecast of POS items and suggests benchmark volumes based on historic and analytical data
c. Coordinates with Finance and Operations to track POS forecast and budgets

6. Manages Vendor and POS industry information
a. Maintains database of potential vendors and suppliers. Develops a system with Procurement to bid jobs to new vendors
b. Attend POS Trade Shows to deliver new, cutting edge display materials
c. Participates with Trade Marketing Manager in POS “Task Force” meetings

1. Provide clear and direct access via web and in person to all Merchandising Item related information for Field and Distributor Network
2. Ensure timely development and delivery of all Themed and Temporary POS
3. Manage efficient delivery of all new POS items
4. Refresh current general POS items innovative concepts for each channel with
5. Deliver on at least one customized, Key Retailer, merchandising solution
6. Track POS usage by the field to support forecasting and needs analysis

1. Minimum of two (2) years of experience in the consumer goods industry with exposure to Point of Sale usage or development
2. University – Bachelor’s Degree required

3. Travels 5-10%
4. Strong project management and planning skills
5. Exceptional communication skills, including presenting and collaboration abilities
6. Creative mind, experience working with Agencies or Production suppliers preferred
7. Must proficient in Microsoft Office

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