Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haute Hippe Design Intern (NY)

Design interns will assist the design team.

Responsibilities include:

* Trim Shopping
* ordering fabric
* setting up Tech Packs
* Helping with embellishment layouts
* organizing , cleaning and general up keep of studio


* identification of fabric types
* attentiveness, reliability, attention to detail, ability to closely follow instruction and to work independently, time management, organization

other useful skills
* technical flats by hand

* familiarity with the garment district

Minimum availability- 3 full weekdays/ week for one full season (three months)
Please email resume, cover letter, and some examples of your work. Thank you.

Send Resumes to:

Haute Hippie
336 W 37th st. 15 Floor
New York, NY 10018
p: 212-239-6827, f: 212-239-6829

Michael Hartney

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