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Limited Brands Undergraduate Internship

Work with one of the world's best Fashion Brands

Put your best foot forward with an outstanding opportunity at Limited Brands! With headquarters in Columbus, OH and New York, NY and more than 3,600 stores nationwide, we offer terrific opportunities for new graduates, both in the field and at our corporate offices.

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Internships - An Opportunity for Growth
As an intern with Limited Brands, you can sharpen the skills you've learned in school, while gaining real-world experience. You'll also gain a better insight of what people in your field do on a daily basis, gain more confidence in your abilities, and learn how to accomplish your professional goals. Our program gives you an insider's perspective to our unique culture and business philosophies, and a feel for the real-world work environment

Internship opportunities are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students and are an excellent way to develop your skills during 10 weeks of your summer break. All internships offer project work and daily assignments to provide a level of expertise in your assigned function. Each project can range from 1- 4 assignments and are presented to our executive leadership at the end of the summer program.

As an intern with Limited Brands, you'll actively participate in team meetings that include senior leadership and executives. It's a terrific way for you to get a peek at our future growth objectives and a feel of our team-focused work environment. In addition, we invite you to participate in community events so that you gain a better understanding of our culture and our dedication to the communities in which we work.

Internships are offered to qualified candidates who demonstrate the leadership and values of Limited Brands.

Undergraduate Internships

If you have not yet graduated from college, you probably have talent and skills, but need someplace to practice and polish them. At Limited Brands, we have an internship program that can hone in on your skills, and develop them.
  • Qualifications for Undergraduate Internships include but not limited to the following:
  • Undergraduate degree in process and must be between junior and senior year of school. Graduation date must fall either one or two semesters after completing the internship.
  • GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • A strong interest in the retail sector
  • Proven track record of leadership in the community and/or student organization
How to Apply
Please submit your resume in accordance with your Career Service policy, if Limited Brands positions are posted on your campus job board.

If there is no posting on your campus, please submit your resume to: Provide in the subject line: Undergraduate Internship

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