Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Marketing Analyst Intern for ModaVive - San Francisco

This exciting internship in web analytics will help ready you for the growing field of online marketing analysis.  You will be an integral contributor in the planning, execution, analysis and reporting on initiatives that drive targeted traffic to the ModaVive website and convert visitors to members and members to buyers.  Additionally you’ll use digital marketing tools to uncover insights on customer behavior and make conversion recommendations. 

You will be working with a small team that focus on both qualitative and quantitative analysis to deliver results.  You will adhere to best practices in e-commerce and stay up on new ways to increase revenue to the company. 



Stay abreast of the competitive landscape in the various sections such as clothing consignment, thrift shopping, conscious consumerism and charity fundraising.

● SEO/SEM: Recommend key words leveraging tools provided

● Assess: On-going analysis of general trends in the various applicable marketplace sectors, including e-commerce platforms that encompass on-line consignment, thrift shopping and women’s and men’s fashion as well as sites that focus on charitable giving and style/fashion trends

● Optimize: Identify and test applicable optimization tools


On-going coordination of the MV website to ensure it is at its optimal functionality and engagement. 

● Test: Develop on-going user testing, surveys and polls to increase traffic, members and buyers

● Evaluate: Make recommendations based on visitor behaviour to tune the website accordingly

● Tune:  Conduct A/B tests to optimize the website engagement

● Track:  Develop comparative models of select brands and price point categories and their success in drawing visitors and converting buyers


Help spearhead the effort to turn individuals in the select demographics to buyers. 

● Develop marketing strategies to implement through email marketing to drive sharing and click-through rates

● Design and implement on-line advertising programs to drive visitors
○ Facebook ads
○ Ad servers such as Commission Junction
○ Google AdWords and other search engine SEO

● Evaluate and recommend rich media vendors to improve exposure such as Pointroll

● Create SEM programs to maximize ROI on PPC

● Improve visitor time on the site, number of pages visited and conversion rates to members and, ultimately, buyers

● Track record of planning and executing display marketing programs to meet demand generation and revenue targets


● Currently a college student who is studying quantitative methods or math in conjunction with Digital Marketing

● Understands web analytics and has implemented campaigns 

● Has used Google Analytics, SEMrush, Wordstream, Alexa and/or other web tools


● 2 - 3 days/week in-office (San Francisco North Waterfront area by Pier 27). Can be split into partial days

● 12 - 16 week program
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