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Soft Cities Public Relations Internship (SF)

Are you looking to launch your career in PR or Marketing? Do you love design and pitching products that you love? Are you awesome and charming? Then come work for Soft Cities over the summer! I have a small company with huge potential and need help. You will be working directly with the owner, learning how to run a small business and launch a product from strategy to execution. I'm located in the Inner Sunset neighborhood and will have weekly personal check-ins with you, but most of our work together will be via email and ichat. You must be very good at staying motivated and focused on your own. We'll have fun and work hard!

20 hours per week, 12 weeks. Mid-May to Mid-August. Unpaid, but with many benefits! Seniors or new graduates only.

We are based in San Francisco and make map textiles! Our custom designed maps are printed on fabrics for blankets and napkins (soon scarves and wrapping paper). Each location is unique to the buyer and the textile is created on demand, one at a time. Visit for more info. All dyes are earth-friendly and sewing takes place in SF too. It's a fun, local venture that could use some press! Nikki, the owner, has a degree in Business Administration from University of Texas at Arlington and has worked for over 15 years in marketing and media. She recently launched Soft Cities and is supporting it full-time now.

MAIN INTERN DUTIES (this is not a run around doing errands job, it's the real thing so only apply if you KNOW you have the work ethic to create results)
== Work with owner to develop one year plan for Marketing/PR
== Write weekly pitches for editors/bloggers
== Create marketing materials to support strategy
== Research partnership opportunities, large order opportunities
== Manage product shots, clean up images for posts
== Manage social media: write twitter posts, Facebook contests and posts, learn how Pinterest works for business and implement ideas
== Research story ideas for pitches, our blog, monitor editors' posts for relevant inquiries
== Create a press page on our site (programming is not necessary)

YOU MUST KNOW OR CAN EASILY PICK UP (I can't spend the whole internship teaching you photoshop, please be fairly expert at this already)
Photoshop or Illustrator; Mac, Social Media, clever writing, fashion or design passion will help, especially in your writing

== Provide you with direct, PR and Marketing related work experience that any large company or boutique firm would kill for in a new employee!
== If you love this job and if your work at the end of the internship creates enough new business to support it, we would happily keep you on full-time at $20/hour.
== Provide school credit if you have all the necessary paperwork I need in order to help you with this
== Pay for you to attend seminars in brand strategy, social media strategy, PR/Marketing 
== Make introductions to people we know in similar businesses, data visualization design firms, design, interior design, real estate...whatever might be your passion I probably know someone worth talking to in that area of expertise
== If you kicked ass and achieve the goals we set for you, Soft Cities will pay for a 7 days stay in our Inverness cabin on Tomalas Bay after your internship is over (September or after...August is not available)

1. Cover Letter (If you don't reference Soft Cities products or write as if you didn't take two minutes to look at my site, then I will throw your application directly to the trash!)
2. Resume (please include GPA, no transcripts required). 
3. Contact info for three references (two of the three must be a former employer, teacher, instructor, advisor and/or coach)

== This will be your only internship. A part-time job such as babysitting or bartending is okay but I need your strategy and writing brain to be centered on Soft Cities while you are interning.
== The hours are flexible as long as the work gets done. 
== A two week vacation is fine, but please let me know ahead of time, preferably at the beginning of the internship so we can plan around your schedule. More than two weeks is not the ideal situation.

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