Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ny-lon Design Textile Summer Internship (NY)

Ny-lon Design is a small home textile design company based in Brooklyn. We are currently looking for a summer intern to help us out with design work and other everyday office tasks. This would be a great opportunity for grad or undergrad students that are looking to get some experience and knowledge of the textile industry.

Key responsibilities & accountabilities 

-Design: Under the direction of the designer, create briefs that the vendor can clearly interpret and develop textile repeats and artwork for the home market. Coordinate, file, and documents samples and artwork as needed. Acquire fabric swatches, deliver artwork, and other administrative errands as needed.
-Trend & Market research: Assist the designer in client, benchmark & competitor research at the on set of each project as required. Keep up to date with related market activity and trends in textiles and home-wares.
-Communication: Foster good relationships between Ny-Lon design studios, and its clients. Maintain a professional and open line of communication between the same to ensure effective studio operation throughout the design & product development process and across all parties involved.
-Studio & design security: Keep all bespoke design work, related documents and correspondence secure and where relevant backed-up. Ensure the studio is secured and locked when vacant. 
-Conduct: Maintain a high level of professional conduct internally, and externally.

Required skills / Personal requirements:

The designer and product developer should:
-Be artistic, creative and able to draw with an eye for color, texture, pattern and form 
-Be organised, adaptable and dependable with excellent attention to detail
-Be innovative, resourceful, able to take initiative, work independently and remain calm under pressure
-Have excellent oral and written communication skills
-Be computer proficient; Mac platform, proficient in Adobe Photoshop AND Illustrator, have a experience working on websites and or blogs

Please note that this is an unpaid internship and can be taken for credit. We are looking for someone that can work 2-3 days a week. 
Please email your resume and portfolio samples if you are interested. 
***Only emails with both resume and portfolio samples will be considered.

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