Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vera Wang Bridal Production Internship (NY)

Bridal Production Intern Needed Immediately
Vera Wang is looking for an intern to assist the Bridal Production department in the following duties:

• Working with systems of communication related to fabric/textile knowledge
• Update Excel fabric tracking reports, data, creating catalogues of info for new season
• Assist in Production filling

Interns must have the following qualifications:

• Knowledge of Excel
• Organizational skills, analytical nature, great communication skills
• Basic knowledge of fabric terms (e.g.: yarn dyed, pc. dyed, etc)
• This is unpaid - Receive credit from their accredited college or school
• Available to work 2-3 full days.

To be considered for this internship please send your resume and cover letter to recruiting@verawang.com with "BRIDAL PRODUCTION INTERNSHIP" in the subject line.


Posted by Nicky Lei

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