Friday, October 28, 2011

Celebrity Fashion Blog Internship

Celebrity Fashion Blog Intern
Celebrity fashion website, is seeking interns to contribute to their blog presence.

The ideal candidate must have strong writing skills, know Emma Stone from Emma Roberts and be an avid fashion follower. You should be familiar with current trends and designers.

Photoshop experience is a plus but not essential.

This is a remote and unpaid position, so you should have access to a computer and the internet.

We are looking for blogging interns to cover the following:

*Celebrity red carpet looks
*Celebrity trends
*Runway trends
*Frugal celeb looks
*Fashion news
*Weekly must haves from online boutiques.
*Red Carpet Menswear

New ideas welcome are also welcome.

You must be reliable and contactable via email. If you check your email once a day or once a week, this will not be the right role for you.

If interested please contact Catherine at

Please include a resume and writing samples.

In the subject line please title the email with feature you would like to cover for example "RED CARPET MENSWEAR". If you like more than one then add in the subject “RED CARPET MENSWEAR/CELEBRITY TRENDS” 

Posted by Jennifer Hernandez