Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ella Lou LLC Marketing & Social Media Intern (SF)

Ella Lou is a small, but rapidly growing, online retail company. Ella Lou's founders, Lindsay, based in San Francisco, CA and Claire, based in Paris, France have worked collaboratively to run all aspects of Ella Lou's business and operations from site launch in March 2012. Lindsay has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in political science and Masters Degree from UC San Diego in International Affairs. Claire has a background in marketing and communications. Prior to launching Ella Lou, Lindsay worked for KPMG in a management consulting role to large private foundations and NGOs.

Due to our growth, and the pending launch of Ella Lou in France, we are currently looking for someone to help us take Ella Lou to the next step. Given we are an online e-commerce company, we are looking for someone with social media, marketing, and PR skills. SEO knowledge is a plus, but is not mandatory.

The internship hours are flexible, we are looking for someone who can commit 12-15 hours per week. Most of the work can be done remotely, from home. We will meet for approximately 5 hours per week in San Francisco to touch base, work together, review the previous weeks' work, and set goals for the following week. We will likely meet at Makeshift Society, in Hayes Valley, the co-work space Lindsay works from. We will use collaborative tools (e.g. Wedoist), email, and regular phone calls to check in when we are not working in the same physical space. The remaining work could be completed on the intern's own schedule. Occasional weekend assistance may be needed for in-person events, e.g. trunk shows, pop-up shops, etc.

Because much of the work can be done remotely, we are looking for someone who is self-motivated and is a a true self-starter. Moreover, we are looking for someone with robust research skills and social skills. The intern may have the opportunity to attend networking events with Ella Lou's founders and a mature, professional presence will be required.

We are an open, engaging, interactive company. We looking for someone who is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude, questions the status quo, and is willing to propose innovative solutions to problems that arise.

The internship is unpaid, however, a strong job recommendation and networking/job assistance in the San Francisco Bay Area will be provided to the intern to satisfactorily completes the internship. Moreover, this internship will provide the intern with a wide range of interesting, resume-building skills. We will actively work to ensure the internship is highly beneficial to the intern.
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